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3i4             A SEARCH IN SECRET EGYPT
Within a dozen minutes of his emergence from the coffin he was his usual self, and sat talking of his strange experience.
"My sleep was so profound that I know nothing of what you have done to me, he told us. "I recall only that I closed my eyes in this room and that, by the mysterious process of post-suggestion, I have awakened in this room again at the exact moment I set myself."
So ended our amazing evening with this amazing little man, who can work a miracle in a trice 1
I came away with the feeling that the tottering figure of materialism would be brought to the execution block during this century. It had never done much to explain the mystery of mind.
There are pessimistic scientists who predict that the end of our earth will be a frozen planet rotating through emptiness. Maybe. But the end of man can never be so hopeless as his home, because be is more than body.